Cutting Mats

Cutting Mats




SDI Cutting Mats are self healing Cutting Mats which saves surfaces while focussing on cutting jobs. It cuts with ease as they are self healing material. SDI Cutting Mats are combined with Multi Layer structure to increase the cut resistant feature thus making it a high quality durable product. The self healing material means that the cuts on the mats will heal back to normal over a period of time due to the self healing material used to make the cutting mats . SDI Cutting Mats are also known as Rotary Cutting Mats as one can use the rotary tool to cut with the help of measuring on the cutting mats . Its used for cutting Fabrics, For Quilling Jobs, Crafts jobs, Drafting & Technical Drawings, etc.. Cutting Mats are availabel in various sizes ranging from A4 ~ A1. SDI Cutting Mats are of 5.0mm thickness designed for heavy-duty cutting. Professional-quality, double-sided mat has grid lines on one side and solid color on opposite side. Store flat and out of direct sunlight Use with SDI Utility knives, Art knives, Rotary cutter and specialty Cutters Knives. The rough texture helps keep the fabric or paper or any other object from shifting while you cut. To extend life of the Mats remeber not to cut in the same spot all the time. Both sides are self healing and can be used for cutting.


  • A2 -24x18"
  • Combined Multilayer Structure
  •  Increase Cut Resistant feature
  •  After Cut No Marks
  •  Best Tool For Quilling Jobs


  • For Paper Art , Painting , & Origami Workshop 
  • For Use in Photo Studios
  •  For Use of Tailor Patchwork Cutting
  •  For Use of Leather Patchwork Cutting
  •  For Architecture Design Drafting
  •  For Home, School & Office Use

Available Packings:

1 Rs.1000
48 Price on Request
96 Price on Request
HSN 4016
GST% 18

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