Currency Counting Machine

Currency Counting Machine




NIYO i500 CURRENCY COUNTING MACHINE is an inteliigent cash counting machine useful for counting of currencies & detecting fake currencies. This machine can count the number of notes and also detect fake notes. This machine has a unique feature of manual SEMI VALUE CURRENCY COUNTING.  i500  is the most accurate counterfeit note detection / note counting machine in the market. Extremely easy to use, 99.9% accuracy self feeding detection system eliminates the need to visually inspect suspect notes.  Automatic UV+MG+IR+MT enables accurate detection of fake notes. Add & Batch Functions are very ideal and useful while counting cash. It is an ideal machine for retails shops, small office and biz organisation where there is a need to count and detect currencies as it can Save Time & Labour Cost & Reduce Lossed due to human Error . Currency Counter is a very helpful tool in detecting fake notes due to the increased number of fake notes being circulated in the market. This machine has a special LCD screen for Clear display which also turns RED in colour on Detecting Fake Notes, Suspicious notes, Half Notes, Double Notes, Old Notes (prior 2005), Soiled notes.


  • Automatic start, stop and clear
  • Automatic detecting with UV(ultraviolet) and MG(magnetic) while counting
  • Automatic half-note, chained-note detection
  • Double-note detecting with IR (infrared) detection system
  • With batch, add and self-checking function
  • Suitable for most currencies in the world


  • Hopper Capacity: 100 old bills or 200 new bills
  • Stacker Capacity: 100 old bills or 200 new bills
  • Counting Speed: 1000pcs/min
  • Dimension:292*248*175mm
  • Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz AC110V±10% 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: ≤80W
  • Size of Countable Notes: 50×110-90x190mm
  • Thickness of Countable Notes: 0.075-0.15 mm
  • Counting Display: 4 digits LCD
  • Batch Display: 3 digits LCD
  • Net Weight: 5.8 kg


  • For Accurately counting currencies
  • For Fake Note Detection 



Available Packings:

1 Rs.10000
10 Price on Request
20 Price on Request
HSN 8472
GST% 18

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